Mini-workshop on ancient DNA methods

“Quantitative methods for excavating the past from genomes” workshop

The goal of this workshop is to showcase and discuss the leading edge in methods development in population genetics/genomics, mainly focusing on ancient DNA.

Dates: From May 27th at 10:00 to May 28th at 12:00.

Organizers: Prof. Mattias Jakobsson (Human Evolution, Uppsala University) and Sohini 
(Brown U/SCAS Uppsala).

Free registrations: If you are interested in participating, please contact us as soon as possible. This event is limited to 40 participants (first come, first served principle will be practiced).

International Speakers: Janet Kelso (Max Planck Institute), Fernando Racimo (Copenhagen University), Benjamin Peter (Max Planck Institute), Per Sjödin (Uppsala University), Torsten Günther (Uppsala University), Mario Vicente (Uppsala University), and Gwenna Breton (Uppsala University).

Final Schedule: It will appear on the SCAS website.

Venue: Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS).