Registrations and Posters


Call for registrations is close.

Abstract submission

Call for abstracts is close. Click here to see the list of selected poster presenters.

Poster requirements

– Poster specifications: vertical or horizontal posters. There are no specific poster dimension guidelines, but note that our poster boards comfortably accommodate posters up to 80 cm wide x 110 cm high.

– The poster presentation should cover the material as cited in the abstract.

Poster recommendations (optional for students)

– Place the title of your poster prominently at the top of the poster board to allow viewers to identify your poster.

– Highlight the authors’ names and contact information in case the viewer is interested in more information.

– Prepare diagrams or charts legibly in a size sufficient to be read at a distance of 2 meters.

– Paragraph and figure captions should be at least in a 24-point font (0.9 cm height) and headers at least in a 36-point font (1.2 cm height). Be creative by using different font sizes, styles, and colors.

– When working with graphs or charts, use different colors and textures/symbols for each line or bar. A Serif font (e.g., Times New Roman) is often easier for reading main text, and a non-Serif font (e.g., Arial or Helvetica) is more legible for headers and figure labels.

– Organize the presentation so it is clear, orderly, and self-explanatory.

– Use squares, rectangles, circles, etc., to group similar ideas. Avoid cluttering your poster with too much text. Label different elements as I, II, III; or 1, 2, 3; or A, B, C; making it easier for a viewer to follow your display.

– Include the background of your research followed by methods, results and conclusions. A successful poster presentation depends on how well you convey information to an interested audience.

– Please do not laminate your poster to ensure that it can be recycled.

– Consider to add your professional identifier (e.g. ORCID, LinkedIn,…) to your poster.

– Consider to include the conference logo on your poster.